A caring health solution for your company’s employees

Every company is just as healthy as its employees. If you have joined the Confido Health Plan, you are guaranteed both treatment and preventive health checks in the best private medical institutions in Estonia under the guidance of top doctors and specialists.

For the entrepreneur, Confido Health Plan is a useful way to motivate employees and at the same time ensure the company’s workability. Healthy employees are more productive and happier. If you have a choice between offering sports benefits or employee insurance, the latter will be of greater benefit to the entrepreneur.

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Why choose Confido Healthcare for your employees?

It is an investment in the employee

Confido Health Plan helps you quickly detect and resolve health concerns. Employees are offered top-notch medical care for which they do not have to pay for themselves.

It is an investment for the company

Keeping the health of your employees reduces sick days. A health plan is a strong argument for recruitment and motivation and helps to create a positive image of the employer.

The Confido Health Plan is a tax-free benefit and also covers mandatory occupational health checks.

Your business is kept safe

Confido is the largest provider of private medical services in Estonia – we have over 500 doctors and specialists. Our clinics are located in Tallinn and Tartu – the number of Walk-in-Clinics is expanding strongly.

As one of the few, we also offer remote consultation and reception. Confido Health Plan is the first comprehensive health solution for Estonian employees.

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