Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the Confido Health Plan?

In all questions related to health, contact Confido by calling 1330 or send an inquiry to Depending on your health concerns, Confido customer service will make an appointment with a Confido doctor/specialist or give you instructions on how to proceed with treatment outside of Confido.

How can I book an appointment with a doctor?

To book medical services offered by Confido, call 1330 or send an inquiry to When calling, always mention that you are a customer of Confido Health Plan.
If you want to use the services of another medical service provider, book a suitable time and inform Confido at least 1 working day before the visit. The information required for Confido is:

  • the exact name of the medical service provider
  • the date and time of the visit
  • the name of the service to be performed
  • if possible, the name of the treating physician/specialist

Which healthcare provider can I use?

Confido Health Plan does not mean that you can only use the services of the Confido Medical Center. You can use all the medical services that comply with your Health Care Package. Confido Health Plan is valid in state and municipal institutions / medical practices registered in the Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian Medical Institutions Register. It is important to notice that a healthcare professional is a doctor, dentist, nurse, or midwife who is registered in the Health Board’s Register of health care professionals or a therapist/specialist who holds a corresponding professional certificate.

However, if you wich to use medical services without paying then you should contact our partners.

Why do I have to notify Confido of each visit?

Confido must be notified of each visit at least 1 working day in advance. If a cooperation agreement has been concluded with the service provider, we will send a letter of guarantee before each visit known to us. With this, we guarantee the payment of the invoice by Confido for the visit on a specific date to the extent of the limit (balance amount) specified in the insurance contract.

Confido must also be notified of any repeated visits to the same service provider! If there is no cooperation agreement with the service provider, you must pay for the service on-site and submit documents proving the payment to BTA.

What happens if I do not notify Confido of the visit but still want Confido Health Plan to cover it?

If you do not inform us of your visit to the contractual partner in time, you must pay the invoice yourself on the spot and submit a claim for compensation to BTA.

How can I see my health insurance package and its limit?

Confido Health Plan has several different packages and the limits are set accordingly. To find information about your limits, open the Confido Health Plan newsletter in your email mailbox. It was sent to you when your insurance period started.

For additional information about the packages and limits, please contact or call 1330.

What costs are not covered by Confido Health Plan?

Confido Health Plan does not cover the following services: cosmetic care and treatment (eg. cryotherapy, acne, treatment of fungal diseases, etc.); aesthetic surgery; treatment and surgical removal of non-malignant skin tumors; vision correction with laser technology, organ transplantation; venous surgery; the cost of purchasing aids (eg. corsets, fasteners, elastic bandages, plasters, stockings, orthopedic insoles, hygiene kits); general and prostate or gynecological massage; whole body diagnostics; the condition of the diagnosed spondylosis; scoliosis; osteochondrosis; undiagnosed disease; geneticist consultation; alternative medicine service; family planning; prescribing infertility treatment and contraception; laser procedures; training.

Confido Health Plan does not cover the services of the following doctors and specialists: narcologist; hypnologist; dietitian; andrologist, technical orthopedist; prosthetist; sports doctor, homeopath, cosmetologist; beautician.

Do I have to pay for the services myself? When do I have to pay myself?

  • Be aware of the limits of your package, because for some packages you have to pay the deductible.
  • If you have not notified Confido of your visit to a contractual partner, you will need to pay the bill on the spot. You will be reimbursed if the conditions are met.
  • With a service provider with whom you do not have a cooperation agreement, you must first pay the bill on the spot.
  • If you have used up your limit in full, you will have to pay for the services yourself.
  • If the service you used is not reimbursable.
  • If you book an appointment but do not arrive or notify the provider less than 24 hours before the visit.

Do I have to notify about my visit and repeated visits?

Yes, Confido customer service must be notified at least one working day in advance of each visit (including repeated visits) to the contracted service provider so that we can ensure trouble-free use of the service. Please contact us or call 1330.

Does health insurance apply to my family members?

It is also possible to add your loved ones to the Confido Health Plan, but remember:

  • The loved ones’ package must be paid as a one-time payment.
  • The insurance premium for seniors from the age of 65 is 1.5 times.
  • The decision to insure a loved one must be made within 25 days of the start date of your insurance.

What happens if I don't show up for the reception?

If you do not attend the appointment or cancel less than 24 hours before the reception, the service provider will not be able to offer the same time to other people in need. Therefore, the obligation to pay the invoice rests in full with you. Confido Health Plan does not cover unserved services.

Does the employer know what healthcare services I use and can they find out about any problems?

No. The employer can only ask for general anonymous statistics to see how much the company’s employees have used healthcare services. Neither Confido Medical Center nor other healthcare providers release medical information.

How do I submit an expense bill if I have used medical services and paid for it myself?

To do this, you must submit your expense invoice together with an identity document directly to Confido’s insurance partner BTA.