Confido Health Plan

Every company is just as healthy as its employees. If you have joined the Confido Health Plan, you will be guaranteed both treatment and preventive health checks in the best private medical institutions in Estonia under the guidance of top doctors and specialists.

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How to use Confido Health Plan?


When booking an appointment for Confido services, please mention that you are a client of Confido Health Plan.

Book an appointment or by calling 1330 during Mon–Fri 8–20 and Sat–Sun 9–17.


When booking an appointment with a Confido partner, please mention that you are a customer of Confido Health Plan. See our partners HERE

Medical expenses are reimbursed by Confido on the basis of a letter of guarantee.


When booking an appointment with another service provider, you must pay the invoice yourself and submit the documents proving the payment directly to BTA.

Download BTA mobile app or submit documents directly via e-office .

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