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Doctor's advice line for the insured
600 4000


We know that the greatest asset of any company is its employees, that’s why we have set a goal to contribute to what is most important to employees – their health. We want to offer the best medical care, quick solutions, and humane and caring service, being a health partner for you, the company, and the employees. The Confido Health Plan team will help you put together the most suitable insurance package for your company, based on the services below.

Outpatient treatment

We reimburse the visit fee of paid family or general practitioner appointments as well as the fees of remote consultations within the ambulatory treatment insurance coverage. We offer daily immediate medical assistance to insurance customers by phone  600 4000. Based on a doctor’s referral, various analyses, examinations, and treatment procedures are reimbursed.

NB! A doctor’s referral (referral letter, digital referral letter, entry in the medical record, occupational health doctor’s decision) must be issued before the reimbursable analysis, examination or treatment procedure is performed.