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Confido Health Plan is the first comprehensive health solution in Estonia. We are dedicated to caring for your employees’ health, thereby providing them with a healthier and happier life.

Why choose Confido Health Plan as your company's health partner?

Confido Health Plan ensures your employees have access to quality medical services in Estonia’s top private medical facilities under the care of leading doctors and specialists.

“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It’s as simple as that.
Healthy, engaged employees are your top competitive advantage.” – Richard Branson.

A quick solution to health concerns

Confido Health Plan provides employees with the opportunity to easily and quickly access necessary medical assistance without worrying about hefty medical bills.

Health concerns can be addressed at all private medical facilities in Estonia. In addition, we offer insured individuals daily telephone consultations with Confido Medical Center doctors and access to Confido Digital Clinic.

Healthier and more motivated employees

Adding health insurance to the company’s benefits package demonstrates that you value your employees and care about their well-being.

With the Health Plan, it is possible to prevent health problems and, in the event of unexpected health issues, access necessary medical assistance. This helps reduce the number of sick days and alleviates employees’ concerns about their health.

This is an attractive part of the benefits package that helps the company build a positive reputation as a employee-centric and responsible organization. Additionally, it provides a strong advantage in recruiting and retaining employees.

Confido Health Plan is a tax-free benefit.

More than just health insurance

We work towards ensuring that every client is cared for, aiming for personalized, fast, and simple processes for both the company and the employee involved with the Health Plan.

We have consolidated an extensive network of partners, whose services you can utilize without having to worry about medical bills.

For convenient and prompt claims processing, monitoring of limits, and management of company employees, we have created a self-service portal.

We guarantee a dedicated account manager for each company, providing support throughout all processes from the initial steps of joining the insurance.

How does the Confido Health Plan work?

Questions about Health Plan services

By calling the short number 1330, our specialists will help answer questions related to the Health Plan terms, package, and services.


Immediate medical advice

By calling the insured’s medical line 600 4000, Confido’s general practitioners offer immediate medical advice, refer the insured to the next appointment (if necessary), open a medical record, or extend the prescription.

Health Plan can be used in Confido clinics, in our partner clinics, as well as at a freely chosen service provider:

Visiting Confido clinics

You can book an appointment at Confido clinics by calling the short number 1330 or writing to


  • By mentioning Confido Health Plan when making an appointment, we can ensure a care-free checkout. This means that the patient only pays for exceeding the deductible or compensation limit, either at the clinic or on the basis of an invoice, and the rest of the billing is done for them by the Health Plan.
Visiting Health Plan partners

Confido Health Plan cooperation partners list can be found here.


  • By mentioning Confido Health Plan when visiting a partner, we can ensure worry-free billing. This means that the insured only pays for exceeding the deductible or compensation limit, either at the clinic or on the basis of an invoice, and the rest of the billing is done by the Health Plan.
Visiting another service provider

Confido Health Plan reimburses the bills of healthcare service providers who have the corresponding activity license (found in the registers of the Board of Health) or the professional certificate of the corresponding specialty. You can book an appointment yourself with the service provider you want.