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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you purchase a paid Health Plan in addition to the national health insurance?

Confido Health Plan gives the employee the opportunity to turn to private medical institutions for medical care in case of an unexpected health problem, where waiting lines are shorter and medical care is quickly available. The Health Plan is a tax-free benefit that aims to contribute to a healthier and better-motivated employee. For the company, having the Confido Health Plan is a strong advantage in recruiting and retaining employees and helps create a positive image of the employer.

In addition to specialist and family doctor appointments, the health solution reimburses the costs of dental treatment, outpatient rehabilitation, mental health services, special diagnostics, and operations, as well as preventive health checks.

Who can join Confido Health Plan?

The Health Plan is intended for companies and cannot be contracted by individuals.
To receive an offer for the Health Plan, please write to or leave your contact information on the form on our website.

How much does Confido Health Plan cost for a company?

The price of the Health Plan is formed according to the extent to which you want to insure the health of your employees. In order for us to prepare the most suitable offer for your company, please send a request to the address with the following information:

  • Company name
    number of employees
    important insurance coverage for employees
    contact telephone number and e-mail address

After receiving the request, our health services specialist will prepare an insurance package that is just right for your company and will contact you to introduce the service.

Confido Health Plan is a tax-free benefit of up to 400 euros per year (100 euros per quarter) per employee.

Can the Health Plan also be purchased for the employee's relatives?

The employee can also invite their loved ones to join the Health Plan package.

  • It is possible to join a relative within 25 days from the start date of the employee’s insurance period.
  • The relative’s insurance coverage is valid for exactly the same period as the company’s insurance coverage for the employee with whom the relative is related.
  • The relative’s insurance premium is paid by the relative as a one-time payment.
  • A loved one can be invited to join the Health Solution in the self-service portal, after which the loved one will receive an invitation corresponding to their e-mail. With the invitation, a loved one can enter the self-service portal and join the Health Solution.
  • A separate package has been developed for a loved one, which is different from the company package.

Where can the Confido Health Plan be used?

The Confido Health Plan can be used both in Confido clinics, at our partners, and in all other medical institutions. You can use all medical services that correspond to the Health Plan package and are in accordance with the insurance conditions.

How are damages compensated and how can I submit claims?

We offer worry-free billing to insured persons when medical services are provided at Confido clinics or at our partners.

For worry-free billing, please call the number 1330 or send a request to the address, mentioning the availability of the Confido Health Plan, to book the medical services offered by Confido.

If you wish to use the medical services of one of our cooperation partners, you must book an appointment that suits you and notify Confido at the email address or at the number 1330 at least one working day before the visit. In this case, we send the company a letter of guarantee before each visit that we know of, with which we guarantee payment of the bill for the employee (excluding deductible).

When reserving an appointment for a service that is not provided at Confido or by a Confido partner, the bill must be paid by oneself, and the documents proving the payment must be submitted in accordance with what is described at 

How does an employee see their health insurance package and its limits?

The employee can see the limits and balance of his insurance package in the Confido self-service environment, through which claims can also be submitted conveniently and quickly.

Which costs are not covered by the Health Plan?

We recommend that you read the insurance conditions before using the Health Plan.

According to the insurance conditions, the Health Plan does not cover, for example, the following services:

  • services of a coach, dietician, ergo therapist, geneticist, hypnotist, narcologist, rehabilitation specialist, sexual pathologist, sports doctor, trichologist, technical orthopedist, prosthetist, and nutritionist
  • cosmetic and aesthetic services, including cosmetic and plastic surgery
  • vision correction surgery and dry eye treatment using laser technology
  • organ transplant surgery
  • consultation, treatment, surgery, and sclerotherapy related to varicose veins
  • genetic tests and research
  • treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS
  • acquisition of medical aids
  • endoprosthetic services
  • statutory health check-up of the employee
  • immunoglobulin therapy, blood plasma and hyaluronic acid therapy (including PRP injections), biotherapy, ortho-kine therapy, and intraocular injection
  • alternative and complementary medicine services (including acupuncture, light therapy, sound therapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, iris examination, bio-resonance diagnostics, electropuncture, homeopathy, and biofeedback method)
  • services related to family planning and childbirth
  • treatment of congenital pathology, degenerative disease (including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis), and mental illness
  • vacuum, cryo, Thai and aroma massage, prostate or gynecological massage
  • printing of medical studies, documents, etc. as a separate service
  • palliative care and social care
  • costs of medicines, vitamins, and nutritional supplements
  • trainings, lectures, and courses
  • comfort services, including home visits and transportation

The Health Plan does not cover penalty bills related to not showing up for the service and not giving notice.