Adding a loved one

Adding a loved one

You can add close ones if you are insured with Confido 400s, Confido 400s +, Confido 400m +, Confido 400m +, Confido SMB, Confido 700 package.

Adding a loved one:

  • The aggregation must take place within 25 days of the start date of your own insurance.
  • Close persons are considered to be parents, children, and a partner or spouse.
  • A package for a loved one costs € 400. For persons over 65 years of age, the insurance premium is x 1.5 or 600 €.
  • Relatives package must be paid once in total within 25 days of the start of your own insurance.
  • The loved one’s package is valid for exactly the same period as the company’s policy, the employee of which added a loved one.
  • If the employee leaves and his insurance is terminated, the insurance of the relative does not depend on it and is valid until the end of the company’s policy.
  • People who have been added to the Confido Loved One’s package cannot cannot add people themselves;
  • Relatives can add 50% of the total number of insured employees per company.

These are the limits on the loved ones’ health plan package:

Services sectorLimit / rate of reimbursable part
Outpatient treatment8500€ / 100%
- Mental health services *300€ / 100% *
- Vaccination*150€ / 100% *
- Special diagnostics*300€ / 100% *
Inpatient treatment *4000€ / 100% *
Outpatient rehabilitation100€ / 80%
Preventive health check100€ / 80%
Dental care150€ / 80%
* Included in the outpatient treatment limitKokku 8850 €

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